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We work with Cru . Our mission work is straight forward and clear. In the years ahead, we want to continue to obey the Great Commission...“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations...”, Matthew 28:19 NIV and to remain focus on intentional evangelism and discipleship.

The way forward (Plan of action):

We want to continue to build effective ministry teams by evangelizing and training students /youths on the area of evangelism and discipleship on our campuses. In the next 4 years, we want to raise (1000) effective young leaders engage in a clear method of WINNING/CONNECTING lost souls for Christ in TOP public high schools and university campuses in the North West, West and South West Region of Cameroon. Public schools are the least unreached places. Yet students are the most strategic people to be reached for the sake of ministry expansion and revivals. We need new bred of young leaders in our communities like John Knox who prayed, “Give me Scotland, or I die.”

The African population is very young and if we must trigger and ignite the continent with the gospel, then the students are the most crucial target. We want to expose 500,000 by 2022 with the true gospel. We want to continue to give direction and to train our young leaders on:

A. One on one Evangelism as they go through our first level of training and discipleship (400).

B. Developing and Using relevant tools ( Evangelistic short films and cultural related programs) to reach students with the Gospel more effectively.

C. Catalytic ministry: Help (200) students to launch new movements of evangelism on various faculties and campuses.

D. Media gospel outreach: Educate and train youths (400) on media evangelism and discipleship. With modem technology, the Lord continues to inspire us with new ways to reach students with the gospel. We call the approach “The gospel for every smart phone ”. With cheap smarts phones around, every Cameroonian student has become busy like elsewhere. This approach will help us to penetrate many barriers on reaching students.

E. SENDING: Multiplying our lives or raising new Timothys, 2Tim2:2. As new leaders are emerging from the field, we continue to train (at least 300 key leaders by 2022) them with other levels of training's so that they can become more Engaged.

Amongst the engaged ( committed) disciples, we want to raise (100) Multiplying Disciples. Disciples who are able to lead bigger teams of evangelism and discipleship on various campuses strategically. We want to see a growing movement of prayer and evangelism on the campuses lead by students.

F. Our Impact: To see Visible Movements and gospel influence in the years ahead, through these various evangelism and discipleship approaches. Our expectations, is more new leaders being raised, ministry expansion and revivals.

To further our work,seminars and student conferences will remain key additional areas to grow new leaders and ignite rapid movements of evangelism and prayers.

Thank you very much for sharing in our work. Can you pray for us and kindly consider to support us monthly financially....You can give online here, or through mtn momo 677562870- Philip Nkaimbzi.

Phil & Linda - CRU/ Campus Crusade CAMEROON

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19)