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Pastors Corner
These Things Command and Teach

If your church believes in actions that resemble acts contrary to the word of GOD, repent, flee that place and find the voice of a shepherd and fellowship that will provoke you unto good works.

Senior Pastor Timothy Branch
Got Seed? Are You a Sower?

2 Corinthians 9:10

Senior Pastor Timothy Branch
4 min
Loss Leads to Heaven's Gain

Ecclesiastes 7:1-3, 2 Hebrews 9:27; Corinthians 7:10, Joshua 24:14-15; Romans 10:9-10

Senior Pastor Timothy Branch
5 min
A Teachable Nugget - Follow your pastor's instructions. God gave them the blueprint.

I encourage you to pray for and support the visionaries, your Pastors. Bless them. Appreciate them. Be physically present, available, accountable, and responsible. Catch the vision. Trust the process.

Pastor Olivia Branch
5 min
Runners and Checkpoints!

Seek God in prayer and in the word of God for comfort and confirmation as you assess your walk. Also, both pastors and prayer accountability partners are great sources for encouragement. Let us run our course daily in Christ knowing that checkpoints are vital.

Senior Pastor Timothy Branch
2 min
Ministry... What Matters?

I’m thankful to God who throughout the day gave me insight into things that matter in ministry. Be encouraged take time to hear what God is saying to the church.

Senior Pastor Timothy Branch
2 min
Relationship and Sacrifice

Value and invest in your relationships with God, family, church, and neighbor. John 15:13 (Photo: Audrey David)

Senior Pastor Timothy Branch
2 min
It Starts with a VISION

Tell someone who is unchurched, looking for a church home, or a believer in Christ transitioning to the Northern Virginia area that Lord of the Harvest Ministries is a place where the word of God is taught with power by the grace of God with the intent to see each believer equipped and used by God to win souls.

Senior Pastor Timothy Branch
2 min.


From our Brothers & Sisters!


"If I could put into words the blessing you all have been in my life I would. I love you and will continue to pray GOD hands of protection around you, in you and through you."

Heidelberg, Germany

"Thank you sir for accepting to take on more responsibilities in the Lord's vineyard. As you put your hands to the plow, may you be located by GOD's grace and his manifold wisdom be exposed through you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Amen!"


"The good Lord who has started this good work will surely bring it to completion"


"Looking forward to partnering with you all. There is lots of work to be done!'


"May GOD continue to use you two to bless!"