December 24, 2021

Got Seed? Are You a Sower?

Bishop Timothy Branch

Got Seed? Are You a Sower?
2 Corinthians 9:10

God gives seed to the sower. When we work, we receive seed from our labor. Do you seize or
miss the opportunity to receive more seed? The person who has the seed has potential to gain
more if they plant it.

Think about this. Many of us love to eat apples and oranges. In each piece of fruit, we receive
seed which gives us the ability to obtain more fruit. However, many of us eat the fruit but throw
away the seeds. Each time that we fail to plant those seeds, we miss an opportunity to reap
more fruit.

This same scenario occurs in the church. We receive fruit from the LORD but oftentimes we
neglect the opportunity to sow into the church. Some think that they will miss a meal if they do,
but GOD promises to minister bread to us when we sow.
Do not miss opportunities to sow seed into good ground. When we sow, God multiplies our seed
that also increases the fruits of our righteousness.

Sow and GOD will honor your faith! Faith moves GOD!

Timothy Branch


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