January 5, 2022

Seedtime and Harvest!

Bishop Timothy Branch

“Seedtime and Harvest!” - Genesis 8:20-22; Galatians 5:19-22; Philippians 1:11

A new year is now underway. What are you expecting to receive from the Lord? God promised that for as long as the earth exists so would seedtime and harvest. Why not break up the fallow ground of your heart, cleanse it of the works of the flesh, plant the fruit of the spirit, and reap a spiritual harvest in 2022?

Many enter New Years with empty promises that are broken within weeks of the start of the year. I’m encouraging every visitor to this page to apply your faith towards reaping a spiritual harvest in 2022.

Prepare the soil of your heart, join us as we’re fasting and praying this month. We must rid our hearts of the works of the flesh because they choke and hinder the growth of seeds of righteousness. Ask God to eliminate one work of the flesh each day for the first 21 days. This will prepare our hearts to receive the fruit of the spirit that we will sow during the final 10 days of the fast. Remember, Noah when he reached the new world and received the new beginning, he offered unto God a right sacrifice and it pleased God.

Don’t miss a chance to set the stage for a fruitful spiritual life in 2022. Seedtime and harvest time exist to sustain and prosper mankind. Don’t wanted aimlessly in 2022, plant seed, ensure that you keep it watered because all who do so shall reap a harvest some 30, some 60, and some one hundred fold.

Don’t just be a hearer but also be a doer of God’s word!


Join us daily at 6 a.m. for “RENEWAL” on YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram  our devotional time  that will feature both teaching and prayer as we corporately through the month of fasting and praying.

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